MoreLifeMonday: Daniel Elia

Returning to our weekly ‘MoreLifeMonday‘ routine, The Local Frequency is excited to present the very first instalment of 2018 and continue to give artists’ past tracks/releases another deserving shot in the limelight.

This week TLF presents Daniel Elia, an upcoming Melbourne artist who is quickly making waves across the country with his conscious lyricism and subjective tracks.

In 2017 Elia released some our favourite tracks of the year with Shook, Visions, I Need Somebody and Fly AwayIt became clear the rising emcee isn’t playing around, he’s ready to leave his mark on the culture and spread a positive message.

Check out the stellar visuals for “Shook” below

Fast forward to January, 2018 and Elia has already released what we consider his most significant cut thus far. The track titled I Know It Very Well (listen below) explores the police profiling he faces on a daily basis, and the depression that can come from being a target in the world’s ‘most liveable city’.


With the year just getting started, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Daniel Elia as he is truly proving himself to be a prodigy of the game. Whether it be his powerhouse lyricism or his ability to deliver cold and wavy flows, Elia can do it all!

You can stream/download Elia’s latest release “I Know It Very Well” here.

Show Daniel Elia some love and follow him on his social media channels below:
Facebook: @iamdanielelia
Instagram: @iamdanielelia
SoundCloud: @iamdanielelia
Twitter: @iamdanielelia


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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