Kyso teams up with DEX for his new single ‘Drop Out’

Kyso just premiered his latest single ‘Drop Out‘, featuring fellow Melburnian artist DEX, via Off The Clef and it’s the hardest track of 2018 so far.

This new single has Kyso floating bars over some wild trap production, courtesy of Dom Cork (Bliss N Eso, Amy Shark) and Hamley (Allday, ILLY), which are two of the finest producers in Australia right now.

Kyso’s an emcee who’s been on everyone’s radar for a while now, his determination and hunger is truly inspiring.

Following the release of ‘Drop Out’, The Local Frequency were lucky enough to chat with Kyso about how the single came together, what the creative process was like, the Australian hip hop and what the future holds. Read the full interview below.

(TLF ) What initiated the creative process for you and Dex to work on this new single together? Was the track already done and you thought Dex would fit on it perfectly or was it a collaborative process?

(Kyso) So ive been a fan of Dex’s work for a while now and we had met a while ago through music/mutual friends so we always had a respect for each other if we ran into one and other. I actually saw Dex at a Illy gig I went to that was near my area and Dex and I talked then about music related things and he brought up that we should collab soon and I was 100% keen. Later that week I had this song ‘Drop Out’ and I saw heaps of potential in it and thought Dex would fit the vibe really well so hit him up and it went from there.

“Drop Out” features production from two of the biggest producers in Australia right now, what was is it like to work with Dom Cork and Hamley, it seems like a lot went into the making of this single?

I didn’t actually get to work in the studio with Hamley but was stoked he was apart of it. But working with Dom Cork was a really dope experience for me. I’ve always worked by myself or with an artist/producer I live near (Ionei Heckenberg) so it was good to work with someone else and someone of Dom’s caliber. I appreciate those two dudes being apart of it.

As a 20-year-old artist based in Melbourne, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced so far on your journey?

I think the distance from where I want to be has been the hardest. I’m actually around 2 hours from Melbourne so travelling up there to connect with other artists rarely happens unless I have a gig I’m performing at. Another hard thing is trusting the process I think. A lot of my journey i’ve just wanted to ‘make it’ but looking back on the past I know that I wasnt ready and there is still a long journey to go.

In the Australian hip hop culture, there’s always been a certain stigma surrounding the country’s ‘lack of identity’ when it comes to the genre. What are you’re thoughts on this classic ‘stigma’ and where would you say the genre is at now?

I think Australian hip hop is the best it’s ever been. This new wave that’s approaching is gonna be huge and I cant wait to be apart of it. We have guys like Manu Crook$, Anfa Rose, I AM D, Dex, Midas Gold, just to name a few. I really think Aus can go global this year or next, the music we’re making is actually next level ridiculous and it’s just a matter of time before it catches on.

Can we expect to see any more releases as the year continues and are there any upcoming shows we should be aware of?

Yeah definitely, I have a release coming up in a month or two that I think will be my biggest song to date easily. It’ll be released through Groundwerk and Dayones so very keen to release it! As far as shows, I have one this Friday night at the Laundry Bar which will be my third at Laundry Bar this year. Love performing there and hopefully will do it a lot more times this year.

Kyso 'Dropout' Artwork FINAL
Listen to Drop Out here:


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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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