MoreLifeMonday: 9WISE

This week, as part of our ‘MoreLifeMonday’ series, The Local Frequency is proud to present such a talented and upcoming artist, that is 9WISE.

Although he released his first track ‘Jackson‘ just six months ago, 9WISE shows great potential as an emcee with his tongue in cheek flows and ability to create such versatile music.

WISE’s latest single ‘Go‘ (prod by Boi-1da, Simon, Savas and himself) is his most significant track to date, as he reminisces about his experience and involvement with Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour last year.

Curious to learn more about his experience and how the single came together, TLF chatted with 9WISE to get the low-down.

(TLF) Recently you had a little to do with Drake’s Boy Meets World Tour, how did you get involved in that and what did you get up to?

The tour was a great experience, I must say big ups to everyone at OVO and its affiliates, there wasn’t a single ego around. I linked up with Boi-1da and his team the day they landed in Melbourne, they had asked me to do some videography for them during an after party. This was before the Melbourne tour leg had even kicked off, so I was initially only meant to be working with them for that one night. However, the rest of the crew and I clicked really well and they asked me to shoot the rest of Drake’s tour. It was really a dream come true in a sense and very unexpected. They took me under their wing and tried to teach me industry related things along the way.

You even listed Boi-1da in the production credits on your new single ‘Go‘, how did that come together?

It’s actually quite a short story. There are a few guys from Boi-1da’s crew that do vlogs on YouTube, you’ll see them credited as Simon & Savas.. They did a video with Boi-1da producing a beat together and I was able to get the file for the beat they made and added some of my own production to it.

Tell us about the track, what does it mean to you and what was your vision behind it?

Basically, I wanted to portray the experience I had on tour with OVO in the song. Considering that Boi-1da and his team set all that up for me, and that he produced on the beat, it was quite fitting in my opinion.

The track actually means a lot to me. I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and still lived there when Drake’s mixtape ‘So Far Gone’ was released. A song off that tape, “Uptown” was the theme song of my younger years while living over there. That song was actually produced by Boi-1da and had a profound impact on my friends and I. From listening to Boi-1da’s production as a younger me, to being on a track with his production is definitely one of my highlights doing music.

What’s next for 9Wise? Can we expect to see any more releases or live shows coming up?

There is always new music coming from my end. I have a few singles being prepared for release at the moment and i’m putting together a full body of work due for release this year, which i’m really excited for. As for live shows, I’m currently focusing on new music and am also very selective about where I perform, but I’ll definitely keep the public updated when I decide to get on stage.

Make sure to give some love to 9WISE and follow him on his socials below:
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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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