The Get Down Events presents ‘Leaders Of Tha New Skool’

TLF has teamed up with The Get Down Events and became an official sponsor for their upcoming hip-hop showcase tonight (March 30th 2019) at Horze Bazaar.

The event is set to feature some of Melbourne’s most talented and unearthed artists. including Adrian Swish, Andre Jemal, Cease Sim, Sin Santos, and more! Continue reading “The Get Down Events presents ‘Leaders Of Tha New Skool’”


PREMIERE: Malakai – Elevate

Humbled by his exposure to different cultures, Melbourne-based hip hop artist Malakai came onto the scene in 2015 with his ‘City of God‘ mixtape. The project combined heartfelt and confrontational pop-rap, along with a spoken word style.

Today the rising artist brings us his first single in preparation for his forthcoming debut EP. The new track titled, ‘Elevate‘ reflects on the importance of remaining positive through the hardest of times and embracing the happiness that comes with overcoming the situations at hand. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Malakai – Elevate”

PREMIERE: Meduza’s War on Everything

Emerging Melbourne-based hip-hop viper Meduza has arrived to the scene and presents her four-part video series, titled ‘Meduza’s War On Everything‘. The project explores an array of matters including social and sexual politics, inequality, media manipulation, and more.

The series is set to showcase the artist through four alternative perspectives and consolidate her unbreakable determination to express her inner conflict. Continue reading “PREMIERE: Meduza’s War on Everything”

PREMIERE: Whit3 Boy – Howdy Neighbour (feat. Gradi)

Local and multifaceted artist Whit3 Boy has returned with his swift and vibrant new single, titled ‘Howdy Neighbour‘, which also features fellow Burn City prodigy, Gradi.

The track combines riveting uptempo production with cohesive vocal performances on all fronts. Further, ‘Howdy Neighbour‘ provides an introspective outlook on how both emcees feel they are perceived within an over-demanding society.  Continue reading “PREMIERE: Whit3 Boy – Howdy Neighbour (feat. Gradi)”

ICYMI: Flimsey Lohan dropped some fresh visuals to accompany their track ‘Dolphin Puppy’

Melbourne-based hip-hop quartet, Flimsey Lohan, have returned with some ingenious and psychedelic visuals to accompany the title track from their recent EP, ‘Dolphin Puppy‘.

Featuring videography from Ollie Hodgkins, the project encloses a cinematic masterpiece which captures the crew enjoying an unorthodox round of golf on a standard day out. Continue reading “ICYMI: Flimsey Lohan dropped some fresh visuals to accompany their track ‘Dolphin Puppy’”

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