Today, Melbourne artist, Frame, premieres his debut EP ‘Your Skin‘ exclusively via TLF, ahead of the official release this Friday.

The four-track project sounds like an electrical fusion of hip hop and future-bass influenced rap, combining melodious vocals and smooth wordplay.The title track, ‘YOUR SKIN‘ (prod by Dead As Disco), kicks off the EP with the assistance of pop-punk vocalist, Cassie Sutton (from the Australian band, Terra).

This song is a beautiful and collaborative effort from both parts, where Cassie Sutton gives an amazing vocal performance and Frame delivers some of his most introspective lyrcis to date.

I Still‘ (featuring Manny Lado) emits nothing but feel-good vibes that are bound to improve any bad mood.


Our favourite track, ‘Forever’, is an electronica infused banger which is executed impeccably. Frame sounds at his absolute best on this record, with an alternative production choice really working in his favour.

With such a solid debut under his belt, TLF is super excited to follow Frame on his musical journey and continue our support.

Be sure to give some love to Frame on his socials below:
Facebook: @frameraps
Instagram: @frameraps
SoundCloud: @frameraps
Twitter: @frameraps

Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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