PREMIERE: Gradi – I Do Not Play

Melbourne-based artist, Gradi, just shared his first official single ‘I Do Not Play‘, and it’s an absolute anthem, channeling the power of not giving up.

This fresh track represents hard work and smashing goals, no matter how far-fetched they may seem.

Gradi flawlessly delivers compelling vocals and combines intrinsic wordplay with charismatic flows. ‘I Do Not Play‘ is a real testimony to those who doubt themselves and what they can achieve.

With the release of ‘I Do Not Play‘ today, TLF chatted with Gradi and asked him a few questions about himself, the new single, ALIA records and what we can expect to see in the future. Check it out below.

TLF: First off, tell us a little about yourself, who is Gradi?

Gradi: Well, Gradi is a rapper from Melbourne and I represent a town called Wodonga, so shout out to my people from there. Basically, i’m 21-years-old, I was born in Conga and grew up in Kenya. I then moved to Melbourne about two years ago, to work on music and to study at SAE in South Bank. That’s basically me.

TLF: What does your music mean to you? Who are some of your influences?

Gradi: I’ve been into music my whole life, its always been there when i was baby you know, artists like; Michael Jackson, Eminem, 2Pac and Nas. Moving to Australia and being motivated from where I come from is really a big inspiration.

TLF: How did this debut single come together? What’s the meaning behind ‘I Do Not Play’?

Gradi: ‘I Do Not Play’ is about taking me seriously, I want to change the music scene in Australia and I want to influence the world muscially. There’s a lot of seriousness in this track, it’s basically a statement for me.

TLF: How did you become connected with ALIA?

Gradi: I’ve been friends with these boys for a while now because we all go to the same university. I’d heard Daniel Elia’s music before I met him, but when we did meet, we connected straight away. After that he made ALIA Records and asked if i’d like to join, so I said hell yeah.

TLF: What are your thoughts on the hip-hop/music culture here in Melbourne?

Gradi: Hip-hop here is commercialised, which makes it more underrated. Even though we have good artists, and this not to throw shade at other artists, but the people who are up there in hip-hop don’t actually represent the genre. It’s really the underground who are representing the genre.

TLF: What can we expect to see from you in 2018? Any shows, releases or special events when should be aware of?

Gradi: I have my single out today and you can expect to hear more quaity music from me soon. As for shows, i’m still working on dates but they will be announced soon too.



Be sure to give some love to Gradi on his socials below:
Facebook: @iamgradi
Instagram: @iamgradi
SoundCloud: @iamgradi
Twitter: @iamgradi



Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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