Freeds just shared a beautiful new single titled, ‘My Friend’

Sydney raised, now Melbourne-based artist, Freeds, has returned with yet another colourful and magnetic single titled, ‘My Friend‘.

Coming back from a short hiatus, Freeds continues to let his personality shine through his positive, upbeat and feel-good sonics. 

The track features his signature groovy style, layered with the most inspirited and revitalising vocals. ‘My Friend‘ embraces the message, “great things take time, don’t worry my friend, learn from them and listen to yourself,” which is truly a cheerful and charming anthem.

Listen to ‘My Friend’ below and let us know what you think!

It’s always exciting to hear new music from Freeds, and with 2018 a third of the way through, I’d love to hear more from the promising artist.

Be sure to give Freeds some love on his social media below:
Facebook: @planetfreeds
Instagram: @planetfreeds
SoundCloud: @planetfreeds
Twitter: @planetfreeds
YouTube: @freedsofficial


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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