ICYMI: Mack Moses released a smooth new single titled ‘Get Real’

Melbourne alternative/R&B artist, Mack Moses, has returned with a fresh new single, featuring some bars from rising burn city rapper, Charlie Threads.

Get Real‘ brings back that old school sound with silky melodies and pop-fused vocals, that are sure to hit you in the feels.

Both Moses and Threads are coming off the biggest years in their careers, with Mack reaching over a million streams across his catalogue, and Charlie blowing up with his feature on Alice Ivy‘s single, ‘Get Me A Drink‘, which has also acheived millions of online streams.

Listen to ‘Get Real‘ below:

Following the success and release of ‘Get Real’, TLF chatted with Mack Moses and got to know him better. We talked about a variety of topics including; where he draws inspiration from, his influences, the new single, working with Charlie Threads, and his plans for the future.
Check it out below:

(TLF) Tell us in your own words, who is Mack Moses?
Mack: An Alternative R&B artist with an obsession for constantly finding myself through creativity. Ideas are for sharing and I have to put them out like my bin on a Thursday so I can refresh.

(TLF) Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Mack: My life. My family. My musical influences. My ups and downs. Just everyday living. 10 years ago my lyrics where about girls and partying cause that’s where my life was, not a care in the world. Those ideas had no substance. I want my music to be like a diary now, so I can look back in 10 years and see how I felt on that day. That’s why I do visual mixtapes like ‘17 Triangles‘. I’m not good at opening up about my emotions in person – but listen and look closely to those songs if you want to know what’s going on.

(TLF) Who are some of your biggest influences when it comes to music?
Mack: The Declase Brothers, Prince, The Beatles, Kanye West, Kurt Cobain, Teddy Riley, 2Pac, and of course the King of Pop

(TLF) This new single is super smooth, how did it all come together, what was the process behind the scenes like?
Mack: The bro Illstrtd sent me a few beats to vibe over. I picked this one out of the bunch and it just felt like some VIP room club banging jam, I love tracks that change chords dramatically or really switch up, you know interesting shit. I put more focus on my melodies than my lyrics, for me that’s what I am drawn to in a song.

(TLF) You even teamed up with Charlie Threads, how did that happen?
Mack: I didn’t have a second verse and then Charlie rolled through, that was the day I met him in the studio. I’m like this guy has a really cool energy. No word of a lie I told him that I wanted it to lyrically be about hating on the posers in the VIP room (irony) he said “yeah bro let me go out for a smoke and come back” he had the whole verse in about 15 minutes. Charlie is a legend man, he will be the future of hip hop because he doesn’t want to just follow trends, his new music is amazing.

(TLF) With such a strong start to the year, what else can we expect to see from Mack Moses in 2018?
Mack: I’ve been working on some projects in the U.S with some crazy producers, just trying to get those songs really nailed first. We got a few singles dropping this year. My next single is called “What’s On Your Mind” I can’t wait for people to hear it, got this cool idea for a dance video for it too. I am dropping 18 Triangles the visual mixtape in July. It’s just a collection of songs and visuals that time stamp my year. I produce all the music and do the video editing too. It’s not meant to be professional it’s meant to be real, a persons diary has words crossed out with pen right? Imagine you had a pair of glasses that could see into someones mind, I want it to be like that, no filter, that’s why I have to do it all myself. I’ll probably do it till the day I die tbh. Who knows man, I just want to do everything all the time – this is why I have a manager who reminds me to breathe sometimes.

Be sure to give Mack Moses some love on his social media below:

Facebook: @MackMosesMusic
Instagram: @mackmosesmusic
SoundCloud: @mack-moses


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe


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