Caesar Crow just re-released his popular single, ‘Favourite Drug’, on all major platforms

Rising Australian hip hop artist from Melbourne’s East, Caesar Crow, has spent years working on his craft.

Today, the young emcee has re-released his most popular single, ‘Favourite Drug‘ (featuring Cassie R) from his 2017 debut project, Not For Sale.On this track, Crow flawlessly showcases his signature storytelling wordplay, while flowing effortlessly over some dark, lo-fi production.

With such a heavy single under his belt, there’s no doubt the upcoming emcee has now moulded a unique and fresh style to bring into the Australian hip hop scene.

Check out ‘Favourite Drug‘ below:

Follow the re-release, TLF managed to chat with Caesar Crow about his influences, the sound of his music, ‘Favourite Drug‘ and what the future holds.
Check it out below:

(TLF) Who is Caesar Crow?
CAESAR: Caesar crow is an artist name I chose after the late-great, Julius Caesar, as he’s a peoples champion and got f***** over by all of his mates and gained jealousy from his accomplishments hahah.

(TLF) Where do you draw influence from and who are some of your biggest influences?
CAESAR: I draw my influence from the music itself, when I hear an instrumental it guides me on the feeling of the sound and what direction I want to go with it. Its simple if I don’t feel it I don’t write it.
Biggest influencers are Eminem, Nas and I love what Complete has been doing really vibing with his shit.

(TLF) How would you describe your sound?
CAESAR: If I had to put a label on my sound id say expressive hip hop, it’s a lot of story telling and a lot of emotion, it’s putting what you feel on the inside into music to put on the outside.

(TLF) How did this new single come together, what was he process behind the scenes like
CAESAR: This whole thing came together pretty quickly as soon as I heard the beat I got lost in it and didn’t come out until it was done, behind the scenes it was hard because it rehashed some old memories and feelings that were previously put to bed, but an artist has to come proper with everything as hard as it may be it has to come out it has to come from the heart.

(TLF) What else can we expect to see from you this year?
CAESAR: Release of my next project (Debut Album) no giveaways haha, a lot of new artists, new sounds and really taking my music to the next level, networking with producers and artists and pretty much a whole expansion of my music and career.

Be sure to give Caesar Crow some love on his social media below:
Facebook: @CaesarCrow
Instagram: @caesarcroww
Spotify: @caesarcrow
SoundCloud: @caesarcrow

Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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