ICYMI: Jalmar dropped off his fiery new single, ‘Mi Paciencia’

Melbourne-based artist, Jalmar, recently returned with a spicy new single titled, ‘Mi Paciencia, which is an incredible fusion of Spanish and trap sonics.

The track features his signature clean-cut, soulful vocals, combined with elements of traditional hip hop and smooth lo-fi production.

Mi Paciencia‘, which translates to ‘My Patience‘, was premiered exclusively via ‘aud$‘ last month, and has received nothing but positive attention.

Furthermore, this new record perfectly encapsulates Jalmar’s inovative flair, which truly adds more life to the Australian urban music culture.

Listen to ‘Mi Paciencia‘ below:

With another vibrant anthem added to his catalogue, Jalmar has quckly become one to watch and TLF can’t wait to hear what else he has in store for 2018.

Be sure to give Jalmar some love on his social media below:
Facebook: @jalmaaar
Instagram: @jalmaaar
SoundCloud: @jalmarsmusic


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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