PREMIERE: Jordan St. Quintin – Bet On Me

Perth raised, Melbourne-based artist, Jordan St. Quintin, has returned today with a fresh single and visuals, for his grand new anthem, ‘Bet On Me‘.

The track features beautiful, sleek vocals from the rising artist, which are executed flawlessly over some bouncy and pop-fueled production.

For Jordan, the concept behind ‘Bet On Me’ explores the importance of “taking a chance on yourself, hoping and praying that others will do the same.”

The video for ‘Bet On Me‘, directed by Hoodwolf, features an introspective insight which truly brings this concept to life, as he is shown betting it all and rasing the stakes.

Check out the visuals below:

Following the release of his new single, Jordan St. Quintin checked in with TLF and spoke about the new track, his influences and plans for the future.

“I penned this song while on a writing trip in L.A., it was late at night and I was kinda tired, but I just sat down at my piano and it all came together very quickly,” he said.

When it comes to his music, Jordan compares his sound to the appearance of ‘an onion’, as his songs are structured by a series of several layers.

However, sonically, he produces a fresh flavour of pop music, which is heavily inspired by R&B and hip hop elements.

“I love pop music. It fascinates me so much. The science of what makes a song memorable and engaging is crazy,” said St. Quintin.

He also told TLF that he’s heavily influenced by his family and a variety of notable figures, such as; Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, Nelson Mandela, Virgil Obloh, and Christopher Nolan (just to name a few).

As for his future plans, Jordan St. Quintin revealed he’s currently working on a mixtape called, ‘Stressed, Depressed & Self-Obsessed’.

“It’ll be my first full length project and I’m hoping to have it out in the next couple of months.”

In addition to this, Jordan briefly mentioned a secret project that he’s got in the works, but wasn’t sure if he was allowed to talk about it just yet. (We’ll be sure to keep you posted with any news on the project.)

However, besides music, he is also looking to start up his very own, 100% recycled clothing label.

“I’m in talks with a clothing manufacturer… but I need to work the business side of things a little more and find some forward thinking investors,” he told TLF.

With such a promising start to his career, TLF is keeping a close eye on Jordan St. Quintin and can’t wait to hear what else he’s been cooking up in the studio.

Be sure to give some love to Jordan St. Quintin on his social media:
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SoundCloud: @jordanstquintin
Twitter: @jordanstquintin


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe


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