EXCLUSIVE: This is Wellie

If there’s any rising Melbourne artists you should have on your radar, it should be Wellie. The local and up-and-comer has been turning heads recently with his introspective and thought-provoking new single ‘Spacewalker‘ (prod by. Black Canvas).

The track hears the emcee delve into issues like depression and loneliness, steering away from the status quo of subject matter in today’s Hip Hop landscape. Continue reading “EXCLUSIVE: This is Wellie”


JSPA returns with his melodic and follow-up album ‘Guilty x Pleasure’

While local Melbourne artist, JSPA, dropped off his second album ‘Season 2‘ earlier this year, he has now returned with yet another project called, ‘Guilty x Pleasure‘.

At seven-tracks-long, this new album embodies an intimate display of what the title suggests. JSPA channels the ambience of early 2000’s RnB, along with modern elements to create a soundscape like no other. Continue reading “JSPA returns with his melodic and follow-up album ‘Guilty x Pleasure’”

Anticipating Eleji’s forthcoming project, ‘THE ALEX DANGER TAPES’

Melbourne’s very own, Eleji, is one of this country’s youngest veterans when it comes to our hip hop/rap culture. With an impressive catalogue spanning over eight years, the emcee has mastered his craft and never fails to disappoint.

Eleji brings a deeper level of connection to his music, his ability to explore his consciousness and deliver reflective anecdotes is therapeutic beyond words.   Continue reading “Anticipating Eleji’s forthcoming project, ‘THE ALEX DANGER TAPES’”

The Cypher episode of Rhyme Scheme is finally here, and it’s crazy good.

This year saw the birth of an Australian hip hop collective called, ‘scheme.‘, a group with a vision of tackling the nations scene in a different approach.

Formed from the “New Wave of Hip Hop”, ‘scheme.’ is built on respect for the old, with a focus on the future. They’re set to explore the music and the lives of upcoming artists to tell their story, their way.
Continue reading “The Cypher episode of Rhyme Scheme is finally here, and it’s crazy good.”

ICYMI: Baro dropped off some innovative visuals for ‘PRETTY’ + new demo ‘SUNBLOCK’

Melbourne’s very own, Baro, is an artist who’s constantly breaking musical boundaries and refuses to be categorised by a certain genre or label.

Baro creates music which encapsulates his deep, internal thoughts and emotions. He holds the ability to ingeniously express himself in such a versatile manner. Continue reading “ICYMI: Baro dropped off some innovative visuals for ‘PRETTY’ + new demo ‘SUNBLOCK’”

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