PREMIERE: Emmett Young – Patience

Mysterious and faceless artist, Emmett Young, has returned with a powerful and brooding new single called, ‘Patience‘.

The track captures a genre-blending ambience, reflecting elements of hip-hop, alternative indie and R&B sonics. 

However, there are only a few people who know the artist’s true identity, as he operates under two stage names.

“Outside of the Emmett Young world I have a separate name just for my rap music, that’s where a lot of my experience as a producer comes from,” he told TLF.

And there’s no denying this experience either. ‘Patience‘ features an incredible trap drum sample, which is layered with mixing techniques used to create those “lo-fi hip hop” vibes.

Additionally, Young told TLF the single came together in just a few hours.

“I made the beat, wrote and recorded it in the span of an afternoon,” Young said.

“I usually don’t spend more than a day on a song … I leave them very simplistic, unless I get a lot of feedback that I absolutely need to change something about it,” he added.

For Young, this new single is all about understanding the benefits and importance of being patient.

“I have much [more] patience than anyone else in my family, and I have had stressful experiences to test that,” he told TLF.

Influentially, Emmett Young is heavily inspired by styles that don’t necessarily fit into the radio music category. Artists such as, Frank Ocean, BROCKHAMPTON and Björk, all have a strong impact on his sound.

“I like straight up weird music … weird is good,” Young explained.

With the release of this new single, TLF is excited to hear what else Emmett Young has been cooking up, as he claims to have much more in the vault.

“At this rate I am making a song nearly every day, so I might put a few of them into an EP or I’ll put out a new song every few weeks,” Young said.

Though either way, the future looks to be extremely promising and we’ll be sure to keep our eyes and ears peeled.

Stream ‘Patience’ on popular platforms here

Be sure to give some love to Emmett Young on his social media below:
Facebook: @emmettyoungmusic
Instagram: @emmettyoungmusic
SoundCloud: @emmettyoungmusic
Twitter: @EmmettTheYoung


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe


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