EXCLUSIVE: This is Fresh Violet

Melbourne-based artist, Fresh Violet, is a rap beast/producer queen and touring hip hop artist, who is quickly establishing a name for herself.

With her active and lively aura comes compelling stage performances, garnering a dedicated following and a reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

When it comes to Violet’s music, the emcee told TLF  that she draws inspiration from reflecting on her life and experiences.

“Stylistically, I draw from everything. I don’t think you could listen to my music and hear any obvious style influences, I have my own sound and style,” said Fresh Violet.

Further, Violet’s sound isn’t restricted to a certain template, as she takes a different approach with every song.

“I’m not trying to fit into a box. I have a lot of musical training, so I’m able to come at it from my own angle,” Violet explained.

Her latest release, “ACKBARS,” combines four grand new tracks with two old favourites, cut from her forthcoming album, ‘50 Shades of Violet‘.32063832_2091873654390668_719818733350027264_n(1)

Violet told TLF that it’s taken a long time to find the right people to work with. Due to this delay, two of the tracks are some classic fan favourites, which she wasn’t able to record or release until now.

Though, old or new it doesn’t matter, ‘ACKBARS‘ encapsulates the fun and energetic charisma Fresh Violet is known for.

On this project Violet delivers striking wordplay, wild flows and technical lyricism, all with ease.

With such a solid release, TLF cannot wait to see what the album will have to offer.

In the meantime, Violet has a lot of cool things in the works, including; a collaborative EP with Card Houses called, ‘Aliens, Aliens, Aliens!’, a national tour supporting rock band Mammal and also has some shows at Horse Bazaar and Laundry Bar.

For more information check out Fresh Violet’s Facebook page below.

Check out Fresh Violet’s visuals for ‘Northside’ (Directed by Hoodwolf)

Be sure to give some love to Fresh Violet on her social media below:
Facebook: @Freshviolet
Instagram: @yungfreshvizzy
SoundCloud: @freshviolet
Twitter: @yungfreshvizzy


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe


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