Get to know Dos Boy and his new single ‘Yoga Babe’

In a time where there’s such an array of talented Melbourne artists, blooming in the urban scene, there’s none quite like Dos Boy.

The rising emcee has achieved numerous plays on Triple J Unearthed, built a steady SoundCloud following and even performed a string of headline shows across the 3k.

Now, Dos Boy has returned with his explosive anthem and tribute to Byron Bay’s unique culture, with ‘Yoga Babe’. A track which hears a vibrant, trap-fused concoction of straight raging goodness.


Yoga Babe‘ is also available on popular streaming platforms here!

Following the release of his new single, we caught up with Dossy and asked him a few questions about the track, his influences/inspiration and what the rest of year holds. Check it out below:

(TLF) For those who don’t know, who is Dos Boy?
(Dos Boy) I’m an artist from Byron Bay with a unique story to tell. My music is an honest and sometimes brutal representation of my life and experiences. 

Now based in Melbourne. Dos Boy is a must-see live performance to remember as well as an online presence dropping content frequently enough to keep you excited. High energy combined with quality production from producers HFNR, Hamley, Dom Cork & Joe South makes Dos Boy (AKA Still Dossy) a front-running candidate for the “up next” title.

(TLF) Who are some of your biggest influences when it comes to creating music?
(Dos Boy) Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson are two of the biggest inspirations for me outside of rap. But keeping with the genre, I would have to say Kanye West for his ability to create, collaborate, and captivate such a huge audience, 2pac for his raw passion, Eminem and Dr Dre for creating the tunes that made me fall in love with this style of music, and then newer artists and groups from anyone like Young Thug to Brockhampton.

(TLF) Tell us about your new track ‘Yoga Babe’, what was the inspiration behind it and what does it mean to you?
(Dos Boy) Yoga Babe is a weird sort of ode to my hometown of Byron Bay and Yoga in general. The message is pretty simple; Yoga makes you look good. It’s still a heavily influenced trap style banger, but beneath the surface, there’s more to the lyrics. Driven by a bouncing piano melody and roaring baseline from rising producer Agnus, Yoga Babe is on a wavy and slightly comedic vibe, I see this song as the perfect drinking game. Sip your drink every time you hear the word “Yoga”. That would mess anyone up!

(TLF) What else can we expect to see from you for the rest of 2018, are there any more upcoming releases or shows we should know about?
(Dos Boy) You can expect to see a bit more of me this year. I’ve got a few singles I’m working on at the moment as well as a trip to America, visual releases and shows to close the year out in November and December. Nothing major I can really give away at this point in time, but if you follow my socials, you can stay updated with my every move.

Go give some love to Dos Boy on his socials below:
Facebook: @stilldossy
Instagram: @stilldossy
SoundCloud: @dosboymusic
Twitter: @stilldossy


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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