Agung Mango teams up with Beluga for his new single ‘WOKEUPINJAPAN’

One of Burn City’s most talented emcees, Agung Mango, just shared a banging new single (and accompanying visuals) ‘WOKEUPINJAPAN‘, featuring his homie and frequent collaborator, Beluga.

Directed by Shady Trees and produced by PRPL, this new track is absolutely explosive with both Mango and Beluga bringing all kinds of wild energy.

Moreover, the visuals complement the single sublimely. The two emcees and their crew are shown straight wylin’ in Japan, while embracing the city’s unique and vibrant culture.


Furthermore, ‘WOKEUPINJAPAN’ encapsulates Mango’s wide selection of flows and versatile vocal abilities, where his infectious style makes for a genre-blending listening experience.

We say it in every article, but Agung Mango is one of the most exciting and authentic artists, period. He continues to fire back with impactful and ingenious material both sonically and visually. Mango is the future, don’t sleep.

Give some love to Agung Mango and follow him on his socials below:
Facebook: @agungmangomusic
Instagram: @agungmango
SoundCloud: @agungmango
YouTube: @agungmango


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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