PREMIERE: Jaynin – Love/Heartbreak: Pt. 1

Today, local Melbourne artist from the Northern suburbs, Jaynin, delivers his first body of work and debut EP with, ‘Love/Heartbreak: Pt. 1′.

At 7-tracks-long the project encapsulates a genre-blending and jaunty sonic, which is layered with bouncy lo-fi production.

Moreover, on joints like ‘Klitschko’ and ‘Drop It Down’ Jaynin showcases his versatile skill set, proving he can carry melodies and switch it up with some heavy hitting vocals.



Prior to the release, TLF managed to catch up with Jaynin and chat about the EP, the process behind it, his influences and plans for the future.

According to the Jaynin, the hardest part about creating ‘Love/Heartbreak: Pt. 1′ was the amount of time that went into it. This meant sacrificing opportunities to be social, travelling, balancing family commitments and even having time to just chill and unwind.

“But that was a choice I made, I can’t make time for everything and this was my priority, so it is what it is,” explained Jaynin.

However, that’s not to take away from the creative process behind it all. Jaynin told TLF the journey and learning experience was awesome, as he got to push himself in more ways he thought possible.

“It made it a whole bunch easier that I was working with one of my homies Aleks Rovvi. Shout out to Aleks. He was awesome every step of the way. He produced the whole EP, beats, engineering, mix, you name it, he was all over it. So thanks to him, he made it a heap easier to get it all done,” told Jaynin.

As for his musical influences, Jaynin listed the likes of; Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign and Roy Woods.

“My biggest influence by far is the ‘King of Pop’. Michael Jackson. I know its cliche, everyone says that, but I just think it speaks more about his greatness, being able to iinspire and touch so many.”

“But when it comes to the genre or style, I’d have to say Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign and Roy Woods. Breezy is a powerhouse, so he was always going to be up there, but Ty and Roy Woods just got a sound I cant stop listening to, it’s something else,” says Jaynin.

Now with his debut EP in the public eye, Jaynin looks to bring more heat and further extend his catalogue with the follow-up/sequel project ‘Love/Heartbreak: Pt. 2‘ expected for release real soon.

“I am planning on dropping ‘Love/Heartbreak: Pt. 2‘ very soon actually. It still needs some work to be bigger and better but it is getting there.”

“And as far as playing shows, I am in the process of setting that all up, so shows will be even sooner. For now, I hope you all enjoy Part 1, because Part 2 is around the corner, already. Also, thank you to TLF for the support. I love the passion you put into everything you do,” added Jaynin.

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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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