Following the release of her incredible debut single ‘Attention‘, 23-year-old KALI has now returned with an official music video to accompany her release.

Directed by Edmilson Sigauque and shot in Cape Town, South Africa, the stunning visuals capture the young artist singing to camera amid a beachy and vibrant landscape.

Attention‘ grasps heartfelt lyricism over a smooth R&B instrumental, as KALI delivers soothing vocals with an elegant charisma. She expresses the craving of attention from a love interest and how good it feels to be desired.


Moreover, with this new release TLF was curious to learn more about KALI and managed to link up with her to chat about a variety of topics including; her influences, the creative process behind ‘Attention‘, her plans for 2019, and more. Our conversation was as follows:

Reflecting on the inspiration behind her music, KALI told The Local Frequency that she connects with artists who are “completely unafraid with their art and expression, and of being who they are.”

“Right now I’m really resonating with Kehlani, Jhene Aiko, Jessie Reyez, and Ariana Grande, to name a few,” she said.

Furthermore, KALI also noted how unique the music scene here in Melbourne is, particularly when it comes to fellow creatives and innovators.

“I remember telling a friend of mine that every other person here is a musician. It’s incredible how many people are willing to help each other in the community and how many venues there are for live music,” she told TLF.

When asked about the process behind her latest single ‘Attention‘, KALI revealed it was written from the perspective of a female who is trying to make a significant other realise that she is much better for him, as opposed to the person he’s currently with.


Additionally, when bringing this project to life she told TLF that she “didn’t necessarily have the biggest budget, but we had a beautiful location which was Camps Bay located in Cape Town, South Africa.”

“A friend and I decided to rent out some equipment, woke up super early in the morning, and spent a good half of the day filming it,” KALI added.

Looking forward, KALI said in 2019 we can expect to see more music, more videos and even some live shows, as her ultimate goal with music is “to connect with as many souls as possible all over the world.” Further, she aims to make it “relatable and to bring joy, peace and healing.”

“I’ll be releasing more singles this year along with some visuals and doing a few live shows, so that people can get to know me before I drop my first big project,” KALI announced to TLF.

Finally, when asked what advice she would give to all the other aspiring artists out there, KALI said;

“Just keep working towards your goals, put in a little effort every day and you’ll see that it goes a long way. Sometimes things can feel slow but slow progress is still progress and when you believe in yourself and your gifts that’s all you need.”


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Website: iamkalimusic.com


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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