Discover Australia: Tyler Rivers

Australia’s currently home to an extensive and rich array of emerging new artists. The culture is constantly being pushed forward as a fresh wave of pioneers hit the forefront.

One of whom is Perth’s Tyler Rivers, an upcoming singer/songwriter and producer who has made a name for himself by releasing a string of refreshing R&B/soul-based sonics.

Inspired by music from the late ’90s to early ’00s, Rivers consistently brings an infectious ambience with his sound and offers a vibrant display of his vocal abilities.

The music resembles a blend between the likes of Post Malone, Khalid and Ty Dollar $ign (just to name a few), while also providing his own unique style and authenticity.

📷: @brandannunzio

Tyler Rivers has achieved numerous milestones, including; opening for US hitmakers Trey Songs and August Alsina, releasing music under Warner Music Australia, and performing in front of thousands.

Therefore, following the success of his latest single ‘Young & Naive‘ (released on 12 April, 2019), TLF managed to link up with Tyler Rivers to get to know more about him, the new record/visuals, his thoughts on the Aus music culture, future goals and more.
Peep our full conversation below:

First off, for those who don’t know, who is Tyler Rivers?
Tyler – I’m next up. That’s all you need to know haha.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations when it comes to making music?
Tyler – I grew up listening to late 90s/early 00s R&B so I feel like I am definitely somewhat influenced by that. But when I’m creating I’m inspired by whatever is happening around me, just try reach into whatever I’m feeling at the time.

Congrats on the release of your new single + music video for your track ‘Young and Naive’! Tell us, what does this song mean to you and what was the process like in bringing it to life?
Tyler – When I wrote this track I was struggling to find a balance between following my passion of music, and trying to maintain a relationship with someone that did not support that same vision. I drew inspiration from those moments so the track just came naturally to me.


Do you have any significant plans or goals you wish to achieve throughout your musical journey?
Tyler – Performing a sold out arena show and one day buying my momma a house.

What’s your take on Australia’s music culture here? How do you think it compares to the global stage?
Tyler – Australia has some incredible talent, but I think industry doesn’t provide enough support to reach a global market. After seeing the music scene first hand in other countries, like the USA, I feel like other markets are a lot more supportive to those trying to make it in the industry.

Looking forward are there any upcoming shows or more releases which we should keep an eye out for in 2019?
Tyler – I actually have some exciting opportunities coming up but I am not allowed to disclose any info atm :(, but tune into my socials to stay close to my journey!


Keep up to date with Tyler Rivers by following him on his socials below:
Facebook: @officialtylerrivers
Instagram: @tylerriversxo
SoundCloud: @tylerriversxo
Twitter: @tylerriversxo
YouTube: @TylerRivers


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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