The Get Down Events announces their upcoming showcase ‘The Get Down 14’

The Local Frequency has once again teamed up with The Get Down Events and became an official sponsor for their upcoming event ‘The Get Down 14′, which is set to take place on Saturday September 14 at Horse Bazaar.

With a stacked lineup that includes some of Melbourne’s most talented Hip-Hop, Rap, Trap, Soul and R&B artists, there’s no doubt the night is bound to be huge.

In preparation of the night, TLF invites you to familiarise yourself with each artist (and their music) listed on the bill by checking out their profiles below:


Currently one of Melbourne’s hottest female MC’s, Kobi Spice is independent, hungry and ready to takeover the industry. Her latest single ‘Cut Me A Cheque‘ comes in the form of an upbeat banger (featuring Hudson Taylor) that’s peppered with trap-fused sonics and a catchy chorus.

📸: @detour_flicks

Furthermore, having already spoiled her fans with a healthy string of releases, Kobi looks to be gearing up in preparation for her forthcoming EP. You can support her movement by raising funds to go towards new sound equipment, distribution costs, press photo shoots and a music video via her Go Fund Me here.



Royalty Noise are a Melbourne-based band, founded by Ethiopian-Australian rapper and producer, Mikiyas Alemu (Bizz). The group reflects a soundscape that channels Dub-Reggae and jazzy R&B sonics, as well as dexterous lyricism to create a progressive Hip-Hop sound.

📸: @Raphael Recht Photography

After earning a reputation for their impressive improvisation sets throughout the city, Royalty Noise released their debut album ‘Daily Rituals‘ in 2014 and follow up EP ‘Common Ground‘ in 2016. The band is now currently in the process of readying their next album ‘Unnatural Selection‘ which is due for release on August 24, 2019.


Emerging artist STRICTLY DT is originally from Seattle, Washington, but later moved to
Perth in 2005. He started writing poems and songs at the age of 10 and became a recording artist at the early age of 17. Since then, STRICTLY DT has gathered experience working with a local independent label, whom he released his first four projects with.

📸: @detour_flicks

However, DT recently decided to try a different route and manage himself in order to gain a deeper understanding of every single facet that’s involved when being an independent artist.

His 2017 mixtape ‘Leave A Message‘ was the beginning of a new inspired style of writing and performing that focusses on self-reflection and presenting a message. This lead him into his latest project titled, ‘Note To Self‘, featuring Sydney-based producer Ralph Radical.


Melbourne-based singer/rapper Hon3y is all about spreading peace, positivity and empowerment among young women in Hip-Hop. Further, she demonstrates her determination to promote these themes by providing a fresh and contagious energy within her music.


Hon3y is a talented artist who looks to take the game by storm with her multi-faceted skill set and admirable consistency. Check out her latest efforts as part of New Wave Infinity’s Foodworx Cypher here!


FUNGAI AKA. “Coolest Rapper Ever” is a 22-year old Afrobeat/Hip-Hop artist based in Melbourne, who was recently nominated music artist of the year from the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards. He started his rap career in New Zealand, spitting in rap battles since the age of 9, and later formed his first clique ‘Young Sensations’, which gained him his first national tour

📸: @andrewfaramphotography

Since moving to Australia, Fungai has grown his solo career and within the past year he’s headlined shows such as The Get Down People’s Choice, Hip-Hop Evolution, La Trobe University Africa Day and also supported acts such as Soldier Love and Roqui.


MIMI’s artistry embodies her driven ambition to be a voice that is heard. As a first generation female Vietnamese-Australian, she is proudly determined to bring a fresh face to the Melbourne music scene.

📸: @jerrybrinas

Blending genres of Trap, Hip-Hop and R&B, her music itself is an instrument which builds atmospheres from her raw emotions. She brings unlimited energy and charisma, ensuring the audience’s experience remains the top priority.


YOUNGPAL is a humble 18-year-old rapper from the east side of Melbourne, who has been rapping since mid-2017 and is known for his single ‘Monopoly’ which also features FRAY and Houdini3k.

He recently released his long-awaited mixtape, titled ‘Life Goes On’, which also features artists such as Johnny Vuitton, $LIM, Lex and Motley. There’s no denying YOUNGPAL has a promising career ahead of him, it’s only a matter of time.

Now that you’re familiar with all the acts performing on the night, all you need to do is come through to 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD, on Saturday September 14!


For more unearthed Hip-Hop, RnB and Soul shows, follow The Get Down Events on their socials below:
Facebook: @TheGetDownEventsMelbourne
Instagram: @thegetdownevents


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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