Drest has returned with a silky new anthem, titled ‘Skiddin’

Melbourne high schooler and rapidly emerging artist Drest continues to deliver sleek and melodious tunes, following the release of his brand new single, titled ‘Skiddin’‘.

The climactic cut hears the teen crooner reflect on his very-present-youth and growth as an artist to date, while also showcasing his polished production, mixing/mastering skills.

Prior to the release of ‘Skiddin’TLF managed to link with Drest to chat about everything that’s been happening with him behind the scenes, what this new single means to him, how it came together, what the future holds and more! Peep our full Q/A below:

(TLF) Tell us, what’s been happening since the last time we spoke?

(Drest) Man, the last 2-3 weeks has been crazy for me. I went from trying to work out what I’m doing wrong with my music and my sound/approach etc., to my song ‘Juveniles‘ getting played on national radio, thanks to the incredible people at triple j … Right now man, things are going great and I can’t thank the people around me enough, it’s nice to sort of watch it all unfold.

DSC00062 2

(TLF) What have been some of your personal highlights from this year so far?

(Drest) Some personal highlights for me would definitely be the radio-play, I think my first spin was on 4zzz which is a Brisbane station and it was at like 12am on a Monday night or something but it was so crazy for me when I woke up and heard about it. Another thing would just be listening to the quality of my demos grow. I haven’t released a lot of music this year but I’ve been making so much and going back now I can hear the difference in quality from my earlier stuff to what I’m finalising for my mixtape now.

(TLF) Congrats on the release of your new single ‘Skiddin’‘, what does this one mean to you?

(Drest) This song is about being young, and to me it’s about earlier this year when me and my friends all got our licenses and started getting our first shitty cars and just taking in the independence it brought! It’s also about how fast life seems to be going right now, being in Year 12 this year has gone crazy fast for me and it’s made me realise how we should take all our opportunities and have fun before we’re too old for it haha. It made me contemplate my musical journey and that’s all sort of mashed in there together to make the song what it is!


(TLF) What was the process like behind the scenes for this one?

(Drest) My first demo for this song was probably around December last year, and it was so bad haha. I made a couple different beats for it before I settled on a ‘dancey’ synth heavy song … I was getting into a lot of electronic music at the time and I thought that sound really fit with the young party vibe I was going for with the chorus. I was also in a really good place at the time and wanted to make a bouncy song that makes you feel good. 🙂

(TLF) Do you have any plans for the remainder of 2019 that we should keep an eye out for?

(Drest) Hopefully within the next couple of months I may have another project finished, and I’m super excited to get that out! There’s also a couple of shows and opening spots that are being organised at the moment. These are my first shows which I’m super nervous about but also super stoked and excited to start rapping on stage, it’s crazy for me to comprehend right now.

(TLF) Lastly, what are some of your future goals that you wish to achieve with your music?

(Drest) I don’t have any specific goals right now, I just want to keep working hard in the hope that there’s people who will listen to my stuff and connect with it. At the moment I just want to see where these next few months takes me! Thanks Tim, and I appreciate anyone who listens to ‘Skiddin’‘ and I hope you don’t hate it.


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Facebook: @kiddrest
Instagram: @kid_drest
SoundCloud: @kid_drest
Twitter: @kid_drest


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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