ICYMI: HVNCOQ plays his ‘Cards’ right on an experimental new single

There’s no denying HVNCOQ is one of Melbourne’s most talented and leading hip-hop artists, his exuberant style and adaptive aptitude constantly separates him from the rest.

After founding his very own independent label Mirage Records with Acclaim Magazine editor Cass Navarro, HVNCOQ has shared their first official release with his new single, ‘Cards‘.

Produced by Hamley, the track sounds nothing like anything you’ve heard from him before. HVNCOQ presents an electronic UK garage sound that’s laced with effortless lyricism and trap-fused vocals.


Doubling as his first release in almost a year, HVNCOQ reminds us he’s more than capable of delivering the perfect balance between a catchy chorus and technical artistry.

TLF can’t wait to see what the remainder holds for the emerging artist and his indie label Mirage Records, there’s no doubt we can expect to hear more anthems before the year is through.

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YouTube: @hvncoq


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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