PREMIERE: Clariyah Bo$$ – Vulnerable

With millions of views across her YouTube channel and an extremely loyal online following, Clariyah Bo$$ has shared her long-awaited introspective debut EP, titled ‘Vulnerable‘.

One could assume in the current climate of Hip-Hop, the first project from an artist of her calibre would be packed full of ego and flexes, but that’s certainly not the case here.

‘Vulnerable’ represents a coming of age for Clariyah, the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice, with a chance to start a new chapter in her continually snowballing career.

What began as an escape and a form of bedroom music therapy, quickly grew into something bigger via the virility of YouTube.


In preparation for the release of her debut EP, TLF linked up with Clariyah to learn more about her story, the biggest influences, all things ‘Vulnerable‘, her message to the world, what we can expect to see in the future, and much more! Peep our exclusive interview below:

At a young age, Clariyah recalls her passion for music kindling after hearing her mother sing along to her favourite records while cleaning the house.

“My mother, who would never admit it, but [she] is a beautiful singer and would play Jagged Edge, 112, Lauryn Hill, Pac, amongst other R&B & Hip-Hop all day long,” said Clariyah.

When she was 12, Clariyah had a notebook which she used to write poems about other people’s lives worse than hers, serving as a means to keep her head up and stay strong.

“At the time I was a quiet child and I was getting bullied for my curly hair and weight at school, to write about it helped me heal, it was therapeutic to me,” she told TLF.

After getting into Rap music years later, this practice eventually lead to Clariyah writing about her own personal pain and struggles, as she felt she could relate to the lyrics presented in the genre.

“It was a way to tell my story, instead of writing about other people’s lives I had made up prior,” she said.


Clariyah told TLF she’s heavily influenced by the likes of Tupac and Lauryn Hill, as they are two artists whose music speaks to her on a different level.

“I loved how Pac could write about his struggles and still make club records, he found a balance in which I’d like to think I have as well,” said Clariyah.

“The songs [Lauryn Hill] writes and sings speak to my soul on another level, you can hear the pain in her voice as she speaks her truth, a true story teller, painting a picture for every listener.”

When reflecting on what’s kept her motivated to continue pursuing music, Clariyah notes her favourite moments as every ‘L’ she’s taken along the way.

“It taught me that no matter how many times life knocks you down, you gotta get back up and keep going,” she explained.

“The world doesn’t stop for you and you have a choice to either go with it or get left behind. That type of strength nobody could learn unless it’s from your own experience and it humbled me a lot as a person as well.”

With her highly anticipated debut EP out today, Clariyah told TLF this project means everything to her, it’s jam-packed with past experiences and leaves nothing sugar coated.

Delving deeper on the concept behind the project’s title, we asked Clariyah how she would define the word ‘Vulnerable’ and to explain what it means to her.

“I would say personally, it’s about being open, I’m an open book in majority of my songs … but at this specific time of this EP I was going through a whole heap of emotions and personal issues/personal growth,” she told TLF.

“I had a lot of inner work to do as a person and I still am growing and healing everyday. Vulnerable is about me unapologetically sharing that experience regardless of how I may be judged.”


Looking forward, Clariyah hopes to speak to her listeners souls the same way her idols do, “making every person feel like a Bo$$” when they listen to her music.

Furthermore, by finding the perfect balance between having fun, making hits, and sharing conscious music about how she feels, Clariyah seeks to make music which best represents her and her story.

“I don’t want to be put in a box as an artist, I like experimenting with different sounds and I believe as a creative that’s what it’s all about. CREATING,” she said.

“The message I want my ‘rydahz’ to gain from this, is to never give up on what you love, never apologise for being you and love yourself with all of your unique qualities you have as a person, because that is what makes you different and different is beautiful.”

For the remainder of 2019, you can expect to hear more from Clariyah as she’s working on a couple of features with some known names, but “keeping them a secret for the suspense.”

The visuals for her track ‘Broken Glass‘ are also expected for release in October, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled.

In the meantime, you can catch Clariyah Bo$$ supporting Avery Harden (USA) at MusicLand Fawkner Music Complex on Saturday November 30.

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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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