Carter teamed up with Hiddenhills for a mellow new cut, titled ‘Eye To Eye’

Melbourne’s Carter shared an exuberant new single titled ‘Eye To Eye‘, a bright and playful ballad written in the form an intimate conversation with a female.

The track features emerging Atlanta (USA) artist Hiddenhills and encloses a multi-layered concoction of trap-fused sonics, with the addition of what sounds like a mesmerising Spanish guitar sample (prod by. Deyjanbeats).

Carter shows no signs of slowing down as he presents yet another high quality and well-constructed release. He continues to pave the way as one of this city’s most finest emerging acts, showcasing his incredible artistry and admirable consistency.


Prior to the release, TLF linked up with Carter to chat about what he’s been up to, his new single ‘Eye To Eye‘, maintaining a steady release rate, what the remainder of 2019 holds, and much more! Peep our exclusive interview below:

(TLF) It’s been a minute since the last time we did an interview like this! What’s been happening behind the scenes lately?

CARTER – I’ve been working on wrapping up another music video, kill collective stuff, and my project which is also on the way. My sound has evolved over the last few month, and i’m really excited to share it with all the listeners ASAP.

(TLF) Congrats on the release of your new single ‘Eye To Eye’! Tell us, what does this one mean to you personally?

CARTER – This was a fun song myself and Hills worked on. It was written in a conversational tone, as if your speaking eye to eye wITH somebody. It’s honest and to me, its a nice bop for spring season.

(TLF) You’ve been releasing a tonne of music at such a such a incredible rate, what’s your biggest motivation to stay consistent?

CARTER – To be honest, i’m just hungry and having fun. Theres a lot of artists around who are more naturally talented than me, so i know i just need to out work them. Also, all the feedback from fans are super motivating as well. I appreciate everybody giving me a chance.

(TLF) What have you been listening to lately when you’re not working on your own music?

CARTER – At the moment, i’m listening to SAFE, 451 & old travis albums.

(TLF) What else can we expect to look forward to for the remainder of 2019?

CARTER – Videos, singles, shows & the project is otw for end of this year/start of 2020.

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Facebook: @thisisccarter
Instagram: @carter_sounds
SoundCloud: @carter_sounds
Twitter: @carter_sounds


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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