Dos Boy and Dom Cork are ‘Buggin’ with their intoxicating new single

Following the success of their recent EP ‘XAN POP‘, Melbourne legends Dos Boy and Dom Cork have returned with a lavish new single titled ‘Buggin‘.

The record hears Dossy deliver fierce flows with dexterous wordplay, while the instrumental brings heavy-hitting 808’s, dark keys and trap-fused production.

Furthermore, accompanying the release is a vivid music video (courtesy of Charles Buxton-Leslie and Honeycomb Productions) which showcases the emerging artist perform his verses to camera as he lets loose and turns up with the intoxicating energy of the record.


Given the duo’s substantial and collaborative work efforts in 2019, it appears we can expect to see Dos Boy and Dom Cork continue with that same hustle in 2020. Therefore, TLF is looking forward to see how the year unfolds, as there no doubt it’s bound to be huge!

Be sure to give Dos Boy some love and follow him on his socials below:
Facebook: @stilldossy
Instagram: @stilldossy
SoundCloud: @dosboymusic
Twitter: @stilldossy


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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