Drest is back with a smooth and pensive new tune titled ‘Headphones’

Moving with the success of his previous mixtape ‘Still A Kid’, Finley-born, now Melbourne-based Hip-Hop artist Drest has returned to deliver his first offering for 2020 with ‘Headphones’.

The new single reminds us to reflect on our inner selves while thinking about the unique experiences that have helped shape us into the individual we are today.

Sonically ‘Headphones‘ presents vibrant production which incorporates a sleek sample and heavy drums, while Drest brings a notable display of tongue in cheek styled wordplay.


Prior to the release TLF linked up with Drest to chat about his achievements in 2019, goals for the new decade, all things ‘Headphones‘, and much more!

(TLF) First off, tell us about last year, what did 2019 mean for you in terms of things you achieved and what you learned?

Drest – “Man, 2019 was super important for me. I was working all year on concepts that didn’t end up working for me but eventually morphed into ‘Still a Kid’ and helped me improve my songwriting and be overall less shitty I think haha.”

“I also did my first live shows, first proper studio sessions and met a lot of amazing people. I’m hella excited this year to have a lot more ‘firsts’ and make as much good music as I can!”

(TLF) What do you hope achieve in 2020? And do you have any personal goals you wish to achieve as we move into a new decade?

Drest – “This year I’ve moved to Melbourne officially now haha, but my goals are just to release lots of music, and try and discover what my real sound is, ‘Headphones‘ is a product of that. And obviously as a young artist if my music doesn’t flop this will be the biggest decade for my career, I mean I don’t know if I can do the whole ‘Lil Wayne: No. 1 Album in 4 decades’ thing.”

“I also wanna do more live stuff too, and meet more and more talented people.”


(TLF) Congratulations on the new release too! How did ‘Headphones’ come together and what does it mean for you?

Drest – “Thankyou man, I’d had that chorus written for ages, and it just fit with James Angus’ beat. So I wrote the verses and cut a demo in that night to send to my engineers after I realised it was kinda nice, and next thing you know I had a studio session booked and we recorded the whole thing. Straight away that sample with the drums coming in under the chorus sounded so smooth, I knew I wanted to put it out. So I’ve got LazyEye on the mix for it and he killed that.”

“This song to me, is about those moments when you just try and turn up your headphones to block out all the uncomfortable things going on. What I’m trying to say overall in the song is that it’s cool to be vulnerable and have these unique youthful experiences that we grow from to ultimately be the person we become and we don’t have to try and avoid it.”


(TLF) Whats your biggest source of inspiration when it comes to releasing new music these days?

Drest – “So many things it’s hard to pin down! A lot of it comes down to just what I think sounds cool at the end of the session. I try not to overthink it too much!”

(TLF) Are there any artists who you’d would love to collaborate with from Melbourne at the moment?

Drest – “Aha I don’t wanna name names but there are heaps! I’m open to pretty much anyone who enjoys making cool shit really.”

“More recently I’ve just had Frames song come out called ‘Blessed’ featuring Kyso and me, and I’m super proud to be a part of that song it came out awesome and those two killed it, definitely will be working with both of them. :)”

(TLF) Lastly, are there any more releases or notable announcements we should keep an eye out for in 2020?

Drest – “Nothing I can say just now, but 2020 is a big year and I’ve definitely got plenty of follow-ups in the bank! Thanks heaps for having me.”


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Instagram: @kid_drest
SoundCloud: @kid_drest
Twitter: @kid_drest


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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