Drest has returned with a polished sophomore EP, titled ‘Still A Kid’

Melbourne High Schooler and emerging artist Drest just dropped off his highly anticipated follow-up EP that’s fittingly titled ‘Still A Kid‘.

Compiled of six tracks the project is laced with introspective and thoughtful lyricism, with a strong blend of zestful melodies to pack an extra punch.

Prior to the release TLF linked up with Drest to chat about all things ‘Still A Kid‘, his musical influences, what he’s learned since sharing his last project, and what we can expect to see from him in 2020. Peep our exclusive interview below:


Kicking things off, Drest told TLF this new project is simply about him being himself and being real. Further, he intended to shift his focus on having fun with the production and be more creative by using different sounds.

“Lyric-wise, it was important for me to be real, I only write about real things that I’ve experienced and I think that’s important as an artist,” said Drest. 

The song that stands out the most is the EP’s closing track ‘Sometimes‘, as it hears the rising act speak his mind with intrinsic wordplay and captivating melodies.

“It was everything I had been reflecting on that day put into one long-ass song. There’s something about it that’s raw and there wasn’t any holding back on what went into it, it’s just me …,” said Drest. 


When asked about what influenced him in bringing ‘Still A Kid‘ together, Drest told TLF he was heavily inspired by a lot of personal things from school and life in general.

“There’s also been some really good projects I’ve been listening to since ‘Dead Phone‘ came out, album’s like Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V,’ Dreamville’s ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III‘ and Allday’s ‘Starry Night Over the Phone‘ come to mind, but there’s countless other’s.” said Drest.

In comparison to his previous 2018 EP ‘Dead Phone‘, Drest believes this new project wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t release that project. Further, he feels ‘Still A Kid‘ is the project he wanted to make when he was making ‘Dead Phone‘.

“I think ‘Still a Kid’ is a lot more mature and a lot more of the kind of music I want to listen to, and that’s probably because I’ve grown a bit as a rapper and an artist I guess,” Drest told TLF.

“There’s a bit in ‘Sometimes‘ that says “I sent the CD’s out for free, I put the whole thing out for free, I think I’ll do the same again except this one’s more quality, at least I hope so,” and I think that perfectly sums it up.”

Looking forward, the emerging artist is preparing for his school graduation and gearing up to perform his first ever show, as he supports Gamirez on Saturday October 26 at Boney.

For the year ahead, Drest told TLF he wants to keep progressing and do as much as he can musically to work towards fulfilling his dream as an artist.

“I want to again just up the quality of the music I’m releasing, have some more music out and do heaps more shows! I haven’t done my ‘2020 goals’ yet aha but whatever they are I’m gonna work my ass off for them!”


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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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