Hancoq unites with Onlysu for a roaring new single titled ‘Ego’

Melbourne’s immensely talented Hip-Hop artist Hancoq made a triumphant return following the release of his intoxicating new single ‘Ego‘ which comes in preparation of his forthcoming EP ‘Bloom‘.

Enlisting a guest appearance from Canada’s best kept secret Onlysu, the record offers a multilayered concoction of sonics including; distorted bass, Trap-fused 808’s, pulsating keys, and smash-clap snares.

Hancoq brings the perfect balance between melodies and wordplay, as he delivers his vocals in a euphonious cadence and adds some spice with a subtle dash of auto-tune.

Moreover, both acts complement one another in an ideal fashion. Their unique styles mesh together flawlessly and allow for a cohesive listening experience that’s filled with buttery flows and upbeat rhythmics.


After giving fans the first taste of what to expect from his upcoming EP, Hancoq continues to showcase his dexterous artistry and prove he’s one of this city’s greats. TLF is eager to hear what else he’s been cooking up, as without a doubt more hits are on the way.

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SoundCloud: @hvncoq
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YouTube: @hvncoq


Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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