Freeds takes us on an adventure with his witty new single ‘Bumper Carz’


Coming off the back of two contrasting guest features (Watermelon Boy’s ‘Same Day, Same Thing‘ and Distracted’s ‘Nutmeg‘), rising Melbourne-based artist Freeds has returned with a playful new jam titled ‘Bumper Carz‘.

Mixing tropical flows with his distinctive feel-good cadence, the record hears Freeds joyously skip over bubbly production from AYEPEE. In just under three minutes, he takes the listener on an audible adventure which fits nicely in his ever-developing brand of witty and catchy music.

Speaking on the record, Freeds says;

“I thought the title ​Bumper Carz​ was really cute and it just stuck with me. It’s an extension of the ‘Planet Freeds’ concept – my little world where I can be myself to the fullest and let my creativity run free.”


Since signing to the revered booking agency ​Niche Productions earlier this year, Freeds is now gearing up to unveil his highly anticipated EP ‘Baby Steps‘ which is expected for release later this year. Don’t sleep!


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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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