Tèbir celebrates his birthday with a silky new single and video for ‘Y.O.U’


With just a handful of releases to his name, Melbourne’s Tèbir is an innovative singer, songwriter and dancer who has garnered the attention of the local music scene with his silky flair of R&B/Soul sonics.

Continuing to push the envelope in 2020 Tèbir has returned with a brand new single titled ‘Y.O.U, which comes as a birthday gift from him to us. The record offers his signature mix of groove, rhythm and flow, while exercising a fervent cadence reminiscent to the likes of iconic stars John Legend and T-Pain.

Y.O.U‘ also comes equipped with compelling visuals directed by Moey Eltom, Alain Pottier and Tèbir. Moreover, the video encompasses the raw emotions from the audible and projects them cinematically to tell a story of love and heartbreak.



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Written by,
~Timothy Thorpe

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