Melbourne Minute launches its very own 24/7 Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Radio

Inspired by the worldwide popularity of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop live streams on YouTube, Melbourne Minute – the two-woman team of Emerald MacGill and Kim Williamson, have joined forces with 31 local producers to launch Melbourne’s very own 24/7 radio stream.

Featuring tracks from Duan, Plutonic Lab, Thrupence, Motley, Wlf and Elle Shimada among many others, the project’s goal is to showcase the city’s most talented producers and promote Melbourne’s vibrant Hip-Hop scene online, while we wait for live music to recover.

Speaking on the initiative, Emerald MacGill says;

“Musicians have been hit hard by the pandemic, especially with the death of our live music scene and Melbourne’s return to a second lockdown.”

We saw this project as a great way to keep celebrating our local music community. There might be no gigs on right now, but we can bring the vibe online…”

What’s more, for the visuals MacGill recreated the calming scene from a popular YouTube stream ‘lofi hip hop radio – beats to study/relax to’, but with a Melbourne twist. Filmed in a share house in the city’s inner north, the looping video shows a girl studying at her desk (collaborator Coral Dawn), with a plate of smashed avo on toast, a stack of milk crates, a copy of The Big Issue, and an occasional spritz of hand sanitiser.

Melbourne Minute welcomes new submissions and encourages more producers to get on board, so be sure to follow them and reach out via their socials down below.


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Written by,
~ Timothy Thorpe

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