Frame calls on Xirita for an uplifting new anthem titled ‘Dharma’

Following the release of his recent single ‘Episode‘, emerging Melbourne-based rapper Frame joins forces with acclaimed producer and songwriter Xirita for a glossy new ballad titled ‘Dharma‘.

Produced by BetterStill, the single casts a high-spirited ambience with babbling drum rolls and atmospheric harmonies. While Frame presents a brooding blend of playful flows and insightful lyricism, before Xirita’s dazzling cadence slides in to transcend the record.

Further, by encompassing recurring themes of self-love, spirituality and vulnerability, Frame continues to solidify his position through flipping negativity into positivity.

Speaking on the release, he says;

“In a world where apathy seems to be ever present, it has never been more important to have something to believe in, to have a higher purpose. ‘Dharma’ embodies the feeling you get when you dedicate yourself to the work and channels my own, but relatable, thoughts that come along with it.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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