Five-year-old rapper Keone shares a song about Melbourne’s lockdowns

While living under ordinary conditions during a pre-COVID world feels somewhat of a distant memory, we can all agree there’s many things we took for granted that we now miss the most.

For five-year-old rap prodigy Keone, it’s the freedom of being able to play outside with his friends. However, inspired by his siblings and the music they create, Keone has picked up the mic to deliver a song of his own.

Titled ‘Outside’, the record hears upbeat keys mixed with Trap-esque percussion, as the young star shines atop with smooth vocals reminiscing about his favourite things to do. It blends bubbly flows and feel-good melodies, showing us the pandemic through the eyes of a child.

What’s more, Keone’s debut single comes fully equipped with an accompanying music video which sees him cruise around in his mini white Audi and introduce us to his world.



Follow Keone’s journey via his socials:
Facebook: @lilKeone
Instagram: @lilkeone
YouTube: @Keone Olenga

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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