Freeds shares a nostalgic and uplifting new anthem titled ‘Goldmine’

Melbourne-based virtuoso Freeds returns with yet another single for 2020, this time exploring the next chapter of his story through an empowering anthem and sentimental tale titled ‘Goldmine‘.

The record embraces themes of family, nostalgia and relationships, as Freeds seamlessly blends his distinctive soul-barring delivery with moody guitar riffs and uplifting instrumentation. As a result, it makes for a special song that’s bound to resonate with the listener on a more emotional level.

What’s more, the release of ‘Goldmine‘ has been a long time coming. The original demo had been sitting on the shelf for four years, and began when Freeds had a writing session with ARIA winning and Grammy-Nominated musician/songwriter Carl Dimataga (Khalid, Thundamentals, Baker Boy).

Although there was something instantly contagious and beautiful about the energy of ​the record​, Freeds refrained from releasing as he felt he was still trying to find his voice. Now, fast-forward to 2020 and he’s never sounded more comfortable in his own skin.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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