PREMIERE: Sxint Prince – Bullet In My Brain

2020 is quickly proving to be a defining year for Melbourne-based Alternative R&B artist Sxint Prince, as he remains consistent in the delivery of captivating records.

His latest offering ‘Bullet In My Brain‘ puts forward an atmospheric soundscape filled with hard-hitting 808’s and various dark Trap-esque sonics. What’s more, Prince hovers above the track contributing his angelic melodies and brooding lyricism.

Speaking on the release, Sxint Prince says;

“As negative as it sounds, don’t take the title literally. This song is meant to be a positive reminder with an important message. Written about my struggles being in the music industry, past toxic relationships and battles with depression. I feel like giving up sometimes but I never have and never will.”

It’s a miracle I’m still here today. I had to write this and let others know that even though I want to put a ‘Bullet In My Brain’ some days, you can overcome your demons. You might come out the other side with some scars, but they’re a reminder of what you’ve been through and how far you’ve made it. There’s hope for everyone, especially if you truly know, deep down, what you’re fighting or living for. Find what makes you tick. Love others. And love yourself.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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