KVNYL calls on Sir Jude and Emile Battour for a cinematic new single ‘Why’

Melbourne-based artist KVNYL returns with his fourth release for 2020 after unveiling a powerful new single ‘Why‘ featuring the equally talented Sir Jude and Emile Battour.

Produced by Agnus, the record comes delicately laced with robust melodies, atmospheric production, gentle guitar riffs and heavy-hitting drums, as each act contributes a transcending level of artistry. Further, ‘Why‘ ensures a captivating listening experience filled with various genre styles and alternating progressions.

Speaking on the track, KVNYL says;

“It highlights the similarities between our internal attachment constructs and the notions that dominate the current socio-political discourse. Hence developing an awareness of what’s within has a butterfly effect on the outside world.”

Looking forward, the promising up-comer is expected to release a seven-track conceptual EP titled ‘The Worst of Me‘ later this year.

Stay tuned for more information!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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