PREMIERE: Kieren Luke – En Route (feat. BOY CURSED)

Continuing his rise as one of the city’s most promising new acts, Melbourne-based Hip-Hop artist Kieren Luke brings us the exclusive premiere of his scorching new single ‘En Route‘.

Featuring the multitalented rapper, singer, and producer BOY CURSED, the record hears both emcees deliver heavy-hitting bars with rapid and volatile flows. What’s more, ‘En Route‘ is layered vigorously with swift hi-hat rolls, thumping 808’s, wild beat switches and dark Trap-esque sonics.

Moreover, fans of technical wordplay and razor-sharp rhythmics are in for a treat, as this track encompasses a raging display of charisma from both Kieren Luke and BOY CURSED. It’s the ultimate duo we never knew we needed!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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