Veshawn shines with his moody new anthem ‘Wavelength’

One of Melbourne’s most talented and overlooked artists is Veshawn. After landing on the scene in 2019, the promising newcomer has maintained an intoxicating sound which dabbles in Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop and Trap.

For instance, his latest offering ‘Wavelength‘ presents hard-hitting melodies, smooth flows and dexterous wordplay. Sonically the record offers moody production layered with rapid percussion, bright keys, a sombre guitar loop, and heavy 808’s.

From the jump Veshawn comes out swinging with a cadence that’s both polished and full. His vocals establish an emotional and intriguing display of charisma which feels stylistically reminiscent to the likes of Lil Peep and Steven Moses.



Show Veshawn some love on his socials:
Instagram: @vveshawn
SoundCloud: @veshawnproductions
Twitter: @JaydenVeshawn
YouTube: @Veshawn

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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