Max Van Soest calls on KVNYL, Nomad and Jake Plumb for a fierce new single ‘Winners Circle’

Pictured: REYKO! & Max Van Soest

Originally from California, the now Melbourne-based producer and songwriter Max Van Soest has joined forces with some of the city’s most talented emcees for a brand new single ‘Winners Circle‘.

Featuring KVNYL, Nomad, and Jake Plumb, the record offers vigorous Trap-styled production filled with thumping 808’s, lively percussion, and reposeful guitar and flute sections.

Each artist comes in swinging with their own distinctive brand of flows, wordplay and cadence. Hence, as a result ‘Winners Circle‘ exhibits various genre-bending qualities which makes for an invigorating listening experience. From a catchy and melodic chorus, to rapid fire bars and tongue-in-cheek charisma, this single has it all!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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