Julia Lostrom recruits REYKO! for a beautiful new ballad titled ‘City’

Harnessing the success of her recent release with frequent collaborator and fellow Melbourne-based tastemaker Duan, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter Julia Lostrom is back with a musing new anthem titled ‘City‘.

Featuring REYKO!, the record encloses a beautiful and velvety performance which is bound to leave listeners mesmerised with goosebumps. For instance, ‘City‘ is laced with subtle production that’s both animated and atmospheric, giving Julia and REYKO!’s vocals room to radiate at the forefront.

Just like her past releases, this new single hears Julia Lostrom elegantly harmonise with her heart-warming cadence, before REYKO! enters with fluent and slightly auto-tuned melodies.

What’s more, ‘City‘ comes complete with bright and playful visuals directed by Rachael Vowles.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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