Sin Santos returns for an energetic and fervent new release titled ‘OD’

Coming off the back of a collaborative hit titled ‘Zones‘ (featuring alongside Sydney-based artists Ello. C, ZOILO and Timba), Melbourne’s Sin Santos has returned for his first solo release of 2021 after unveiling a new anthem ‘OD‘.

Lacing chirpy keys with rapid hi-hats and Trap-esque production, the single kicks off with Santos delivering moody melodies and introspective wordplay. Moreover, his vocals sound crisp as he moves between tempos, delivering playful flows about longing for something greater than an infatuation.

Much like Sin’s past releases ‘OD‘ encompasses an infectious variety of sonics, further highlighting his robust artistry and zeal for making a name for himself. TLF is eager to see what Sin Santos has in store for the year, there’s no doubt plenty more hits are on the way. Buckle up!



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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