CLXV embarks on new chapter after sharing a poignant release ‘Toxic’

Formerly known as Cease Sim, Melbourne-based artist CLXV has re-emerged on the scene after taking a short hiatus to focus on himself. Now, back better than ever, the talented tastemaker takes his first step towards a new direction as he shares ‘Toxic‘.

Crafted from pain and heartbreak, the single captures the sorrowing end of a relationship through melancholic melodies, atmospheric production, thumping 808’s, slowed down samples and musing wordplay. Embracing strong R&B/Soul vibes, the track presents a captivating display of powerful refrains and flows reminiscent to the likes of prominent acts PARTYNEXTDOOR, Sampha and Juice WRLD.

Moreover, CLXV pours his heart on the record and delivers tranquillising vocals which takes the listener on an alluring journey of introspection. ‘Toxic‘ hears CLXV showcase a warm charisma that’s emotionally poignant and soul-stirring.

Needless to say there’s plenty of replay value on this one. Don’t sleep!



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SoundCloud: @ceasesim

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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