KVNYL prevails on his exceptionally robust EP ‘The Worst of Me’

Hailing from Melbourne, emerging Hip-Hop artist KVNYL makes his return after pushing the envelope in 2020 with an array of conceptual releases and redefining his sound alongside Byron Bay engineer / producer Agnus.

This year the promising tastemaker kicks things off with the release of his highly anticipated EP ‘The Worse of Me‘. At seven tracks deep the project encloses a profoundly introspective body of work where KVNYL channels his personal experiences as a means of self-reflection and self-forgiveness.


From front to back the project offers brooding lyricism, conscious wordplay and powerful sonic progressions. There’s even instances where the talented emcee captivates listeners with dark, ruminating, and what feels like harrowing spoken word poetry on cuts like ‘Desperate‘ and ‘Hypocrite‘.

What’s more, KVNYL is also gearing up to release a short film (courtesy of Visionaire Media) which will accompany the EP and bring the polarising audible to life. In the meantime take a peek of the trailer below and check out the project for yourself, there’s plenty of replay value on this one!


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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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