PREMIERE: Lakshane – Breathe

Returning from the success of his recent release ‘Ariana‘, crooning Melbourne-based artist Lakshane looks to keep building momentum as he unveils a brand new single titled ‘Breathe‘.

Compiled of soft keys, rapid hi-hats, atmospheric layering and heavy 808’s, the record puts forward a contemplative Alt-R&B slow jam. Continuing to tell his story of heartbreak Lakshane delivers musing melodies and channels his pain into an alleviating display of triumph. He projects a stylish and elegant cadence that feeds on the moody late-night aesthetic his sound has become favoured for.

There’s no doubt the reception of ‘Breathe‘ will allow Lakshane to continue to flourish and expand his horizons as one of this city’s most talented acts. We’re only just reaching the halfway mark of 2021 and he already looks to be on the up and up!



Show Lakshane some love on his socials:
Facebook: @lakshanef
Instagram: @lakshane.x
SoundCloud: @lakshanef
Twitter: @LakshaneF

Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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