Lakshane returns with a dark and powerful R&B ballad titled ‘Ariana’

Emerging with a steady flow of captivating releases, Melbourne-based artist Lakshane rings in the new year with a powerful ballad about love, loss and hopelessness.

Titled ‘Ariana‘, the single proposes a late night ambience filled with dark looming production as Lakshane details a situation of being under the influence post break up. Sonically it offers a smooth blend of Hip-Hop and R&B with the singer-songwriter / producer gliding over the track with fervid and self-reflective harmonies.

Using ‘Ariana‘ as a euphemism for cocaine, similar to ‘beibs in the trap‘ by Travis Scott, Lakshane delivers enticing vocals by flaunting his intoxicating and plaintive cadence. What’s more, the video comes equipped with accompanying visuals (Directed by Jacob Gulloti) which capture the promising artist performing to camera amid a beautiful forest landscape before the story quickly takes a turn for the worst.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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