Inka connects with MixedByJD for a stellar new ballad ‘Appreciate’

After sharing a nine-track EP in late 2019 and a string of singles throughout 2020, Melbourne-based producer MixedByJD has once again joined forces with Ballarat musician Inka to unveil their first single of 2021.

Titled ‘Appreciate‘ the record puts forward groovy, slow-building production alongside glossy guitar riffs (courtesy of Jimmy Harwood), allowing for Inka to glide over the record in similar fashion to the likes of Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar.

It’s a heartfelt and meaningful ballad about finding the type of love that lets you be yourself, rather than trying to change. Speaking on the release Inka says;

“Appreciate is a song about appreciation of love, perfect match type scenario. It’s the type of love where imperfections and flaws are accepted, old pains are forgotten and life is experienced happily.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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