IJALE returns with a self-reflective new single titled ‘MI GORENG’

Melbourne-based producer, rapper and vocalist IJALE recently dropped off a musing new single ‘MI GORENG’ which details the various highs and lows emerging artists are faced with when trying to make it big.

The record offers stripped-back production compiled of rapid hi-hats, thumping 808s and bright undertones; while IJALE shine atop delivering melodic flows and charismatic lyricism. Dropping lines such as ‘still live on Mi Goreng, signing deals and still I’m hopping the train‘ – IJALE cites the staple snack to highlight the ups and downs of an artist teetering on the edge of success.

Moreover, speaking on the release IJALE says;

I had moved back to my folks place and it felt like I was taking two steps back, but on the other hand I had started to get more traction with my music after I had finished studying and I began to get a solid team around me, so there were wins mixed in with the losses.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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