MAMMOTH. links with Earf for a bold and introspective jam titled ‘CAT NIP’

After sharing a handful of releases throughout 2020, Melbourne-based emcee MAMMOTH. looks to keep things moving as he returns to unveil a hefty new single titled ‘CAT NIP‘.

Joining forces with fellow local tastemaker Earf (Agung Mango & 3K), the track projects an eerie piano sample and thundering drums while MAMMOTH. lays jarring flows and adept wordplay. ‘CATNIP‘ is bound to encapsulate listeners through its potent ambience and intoxicating hues.

Speaking on the release MAMMOTH. says;

While writing CATNIP I was down on money and was doing different things to get by. This song is a representation of what I would do, telling a story of going from one destination to the other, and how I felt I was perceived at the time. It is a day in the life of the MAMMOTH.

What’s more, the release comes complete with some intriguing visuals courtesy of Blinks Film. The video remarkably contributes to the uncanny nature of the record – splitting the optical into four frames to collectively to tell a bigger story.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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