Sxint Prince shares a fierce new single ‘Animals’ alongside cinematic visuals

Rising Alternative R&B singer-songwriter Sxint Prince continues to showcase his cunning artistry after unveiling an entrancing new record titled ‘Animals‘.

Mixing pulsing drum patterns, powerful guitar riffs and subtle bass lines, the production sets the tone for a turbulent listening experience filled with a mixed bag of emotions. Gracing the single with his alluring vocals, Sxint Prince channels flawless harmonies and a provocative charisma that’s bound have you in your feelings.

What’s more, the record comes complete with avant-garde visuals courtesy of fellow local creative FFXRK. The video provides an array of cinematic shots and innovative visual effects; including Prince doubling a terrifying Harley Quinn-esque character who’s out for blood.



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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