Vanessa Librea steps out with a sensational debut single ‘Te Quiero’

Praised for her background in acting, dancing and modelling, Melbourne-based virtuoso Vanessa Librea has stepped out to showcase her voice after unveiling a dynamic debut single ‘Te Quiero‘.

Crafted from an upbeat and Latin inspired aesthetic, the record combines bouncy R&B sonics with fervent Spanish guitar tones. While Vanessa Librea lends her vigorous charisma and ascends the soundscape further, offering flawless melodies and invigorating Spanglish vocals.

Speaking on the release, Vanessa Librea says;

“Te Quiero is the English equivalent of ‘I want you’ … It’s based upon that thrill and excitement when you meet someone new along with the journey it can take you on.”

“The Latin side was highly inspired by Selena and J. Lo.”



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Written by,
Timothy Thorpe

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